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Result  Of  Explosive  Dust

Combustible Dust Is Finely-Ground Organic Or Metal Particles Found In A Variety Of Industries And Workplaces

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Is Your Company Processing  Products With A Potential For Combustible Dust Explosions?

Workplaces  And  Industries  Affected

If Your Company Processes Any Of These Products, Know The Potential For A Combustible Dust Explosion

How Is Combustible Dust Tested?

EMSL Recommends OSHA ID-201SG Sampling Method Guidelines & The OSHA Combustible Dust Emphasis Program CPL 03-00-008

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Why Is Explosive Dust Dangerous?


Combustible dust is finely-ground organic or metal particles found in a variety of industries and workplaces. Potentially dangerous accumulations of combustible dust can build up inside process equipment or escape from process equipment and settle on surfaces in the general work area. These accumulations are extremely explosive when dispersed into the air in the presence of commonplace ignition sources, such as standard electrical switches.

Dust explosions can be catastrophic and cause death, injury, and destruction of entire buildings. In many combustible dust accidents, employers and employees were unaware that a hazard existed. EMSL Analytical, Inc. can provide OSHA compliant combustible dust testing that when coupled with on-site hazard mitigation, can ensure that you protect employees and others from this possible danger.

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